If you have any questions about our services please call 507-388-5878 or e-mail us at mccfixit@hotmail.com.  We happily answer any questions you have.   We will keep adding new questions and answers to this page as they are asked.      THANKS!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How much does it cost to look at my vehicle?

A.  We never charge a fee for visual inspections or estimates.  The only time we charge a fee for inspections or diagnostics is when it is necessary to dismantle parts for inspection purposes.   Whenever charged services are required to properly diagnose a problem, It must be approved by the customer first.

Q.  Will you call me with an estimate before you do anything?

A.  We never do anything without prior approval.

Q.  I purchased an extended warranty at the dealer.  Can I use that here?

A.  We honor all extended warranties and protection plans.  Even those endorsed by GM, Ford & Chrysler are recognized by us.

Q.  My vehicle still has a factory warranty.  Do I have to have it serviced at a dealer?

A.  You can have your vehicle maintenance services performed anywhere you choose as long as the shop is using OEM approved products and procedures.  All of the products we use are O.E.M. approved and will not void any warranty.

Q.  How often should maintenance be performed on my vehicle?

A.  A recent survey shows that about 60% of the US population does not know what vehicle maintenance really is.  You should check your owners manual to see what you should do and when you should do it.  If you do not have one please give us a call and we will give you all of the manufacturers suggested intervals. 

Q.  Where do you get your parts?

A. By not being an affiliate with any one supplier we are able to choose where each part will come from.  There is no single store or supplier that carries top quality parts in every category.  For example, one store may have top quality wheel bearings but have cheap outsourced electronic parts.  By getting our parts from a wide variety of suppliers we have absolute control over the quality level of the parts being installed on your car, insuring that you are getting only the best.

Q.  What kind of warranty do your services carry?

A. All work performed on your vehicle carries a minimum 1-year 12,000 mile warranty on parts & labor unless otherwise noted before we begin servicing your vehicle.  If a part manufacturer provides a warranty longer than our standard warranty, i.e. Lifetime Warranty, than we will extend it to whichever is greater. The only exclusions to this are parts brought in by the customer or used parts when allowed by the customer.